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5 thoughts on “Timberland Earthkeeper 6 Inch Zip”

  1. Awesome boots and great pics of them! One question for you: What kind of polish or products do you use to maintain them? I’ve only had mine for about a year and my neutral color polish has made them much darker than they were originally, and I prefer the lighter shade like yours.


    1. Hi Ben,
      Unfortunately to my knowledge it isn’t possible to properly condition your boots without darkening the leather. I’ve used a variety of products, but what I’d recommend using (although I haven’t tried this with these boots, only my Clark’s desert boots) is some saddle soap to clean the leather before applying a conditioner such as Obenauf’s LP. This will darken the leather, but the oil is necessary to prevent the leather from drying out and cracking as the boots age. Consider it a patina and an aesthetic improvement to the boots. They will be darkest right after applying and will then lighten slightly over time. Best of luck!

  2. Hi Jon, thanks a lot for the helpful response. I’ll be sure to try some saddle soap next time I’m given them some attention. Thanks again!

  3. Hey Jon, I’m considering purchasing a pair of these at the moment and am wondering at your thoughts on their quality as well as their ability to deal with some rain or wet grass. I’m not looking for a true “waterproof” boot per se, but I’ve had other shoes ( I actually own the same Beeswax Clarks Original Desert Boot that you do ) that are simply hopeless around moisture, regardless of how I treat the leather, I believe it’s an issue with the construction and how the sole is attached to the upper. With proper care do you feel these can stand up to wet grass or a wet parking lot while keeping my feet dry? Would you purchase these again? I’ve been unable to find another boot that to my tastes so perfectly combines a boot casual enough for daily wear but dressy enough to wear with a suit or to a wedding, and I absolutely love the colour of these. Thoughts and recommendations are much appreciated!

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