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4 thoughts on “Clarks Desert Boot”

  1. I love your posts, just wish you had more! Btw I highly recommend hunting down some of the horween leather burgundy clarks from 2013, they are fantastic.

  2. Wow, absolutely somehow Loving these shoes aestethically although would not have seen that coming. Thanks for the revelation! I guess the color has much to do with it. Here’s the beeswax color on their website:
    Lumigan Ou Xalatan
    Really hard to believe it’s the same color, was beeswax different three years back?

    1. Hi Yochanan,
      Thanks for the post. The photo Clarks is using is the same one that’s been up years, so unless they’ve changed the boots without updating the photo, it’s likely they’re the same. They start out quite dark (but not as dark as they appear to be in the photo) and then lighten with use. They’ll darken again when you oil them. There is also plenty of inherent variation, but I have friends who’ve ordered them and they wear similarly.

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