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2 thoughts on “Mapped: Hike Breakneck Ridge Trail + Visit Dia:Beacon”

  1. Breakneck into Beacon is the exact trail I want to take! I’ve hiked Breakneck 4 or 5 times, but I have always taken the trail back to 9D. I really want to see the firetower & go to Beacon this time. Can you tell me which trail I need to follow? I’m not sure exactly when this fork occurs, since I feel like the trails become pretty insistent as you approach the descent back to Cold Spring.

    Your photos are gorgeous, by the way!

    1. Hi Priscilla,

      Thank you for your comment! Unfortunately, as you mention, the trails are a mess in these woods both in number of markers and intersections. I tried to show my path with the embedded Google Maps, but their latest iteration no longer supports multiple destinations (quite the update), so I’ve removed the embedded map from my post. Thankfully it’s still possible to link to a map with multiple destinations, so check out the link below the first image in the post and you can follow the same trails I traveled. Although, without the trail marker colors, things could become a bit confusing, so I’d still recommend grabbing the East Hudson Trail Map #102 (I found mine in REI’s SoHo location). It’s nice to have a real map on hand with high resolution detail, but I’ve found an image of the map Lumigan Walmart Price that shows you’ll follow: White (Breakneck Trail), Blue/White, White, and Red (Casino Trail) into Beacon. Have fun!

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