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30 thoughts on “Eastland, Frye, Woolrich, & Chippewa”

    1. Yeah, I wish I could have gotten them in time, but they weren’t available locally and I already had these boots. The review is probably still a week out as I’m on the road without my computer… looks like your timberlands just need a little tlc to bounce back. Check my post on cleaning Clark’s and Oliberte’s to see side by sides. Your boots would look great once you fixed them up, darker, but naturally worn.

      1. I was hoping to repair them but the stitching is failing and the leather separating. Along with needing a new sole. I may still give them a second life but couldn’t wait and I’ve ordered the 1000 mile boots. I’ll be putting some half soles on them as soon as they arrive. Any thoughts on a good subtle half sole? Should it be stitched or glued? I’m not sure if stitching is even an option.

        Also, love the blog. Any way to sign up for a newsletter or anything?


        1. Hi Derek,

          Adding half soles to the 1000 miles sounds like a good option, but I’m unsure of the best method, given they’re brand new–probably just glued on. Thanks for your interested in the newsletter, which I do have, but don’t currently have a link to. I’ll add a link in the next couple of days.

  1. Hi, thank you for the informative reviews. I actually just received my Logan cap toe in brown today before I saw your reviews. I don’t have any experience with leather and boots before. I live in Canada and there are a lot of snow and salt and temperature also gets under -10 C here. Do you think the Frye Logan will hold up for long? I really like the slim style and the look from the back but it wouldn’t be worth it if it couldn’t last. I am currently laying my eyes on the Eastland but I am not sure about the pull loop. Could you give me some recommendation on whether I should keep the Frye?

    1. Hi Dan,

      Obviously much of this is personal aesthetic preference. If we bought boots purely for utilitarian purposes we’d all be clomping around in Sorels when it’s -10°C outside. That said, we appear to be in the same camp and do consider aesthetics/style significantly when purchasing and I find these boots equally good looking in person. So, to answer your question, I believe the sole, gusseted tongue, and zero heel lift on the Eastland Monroe will provide superior performance than the Frye Logan in snow and ice. Given that they’re almost identically priced you may as well have a boot that’s right for the job…Best of luck, Jon

  2. Hello,

    I am very interested in the Frye Logan cap toe. However, I cant decide between the fryes, chippewa service (Lumigan Ud), or the copper rough iron rangers.

    If price didnt matter, which one would you chose?

    I dont like anything too bulbous because I am a pretty lean guy, I dont want to look like a clown.

    I chose these colors because they seem to be brown but with a hue that kind of pops. Almost orangey.

    1. Hi Aaron,

      Thanks for the post. I’d have to say that it depends what you’ll be doing with the boots. Nitrile cork soles are quite hard on your feet, so if you’ll be humping gear for miles then they’re probably not what you want and I’d recommend a “commando sole”. As for style, if you don’t want a cap toe for fear of the clown look (although I think the fear of the clown look is mostly a forum phenomenon), it sounds like the Chippewa Service Boot is the boot for you, given it’s the only non-cap toe mentioned. That said, the cap toes on the Homestead are a little smaller than on the Iron Ranger, so you might be more comfortable with their size. Wolverine’s feel larger in volume to me, so if you have a low volume foot I think you’re right to avoid them. And if price doesn’t matter I’d recommend a pair of Alden’s in the style of your choice in Natural Chromexcel Leather. A boot with that leather will patina really beautifully into Bimatoprost Actavis. Best of luck!

      1. Hello,

        I would totally go with alden however I only have credit as a gift to fry and zappos. Since the iron rangers are apparently too bulby, What do you think about the frye logan toe compared to the chippewa homestead? Color/potential patina, width, etc..?

  3. Apparently, all Eastland “Made In Maine” shoes/boots are made by Rancourt & Co. The Eastland Monroe is this: Lumigan Best Price. That being said, the original Rancourt is less expensive in case your readers are interested (and customizable). I also like this boot and your review is helpful and really informative.
    I’m looking for my first pair of “nice” boots and came across your website. Obviously, there’s many options. My favorite boot is Vibergs but it’s just too expensive. Second to that look is Oak Street Trench but I have a B width foot and your review makes it sound too wide. With that, the Wolverine 1000 Miles look to have too much volume for my narrow and flat foot. So it leaves me with the Red Wing Iron Ranger and the Eastland/Rancourt. The RWIR looks like I can trash it and that’s what it’s made for. What about the Eastland? Is this considered a boot that’ll last a lifetime of hard knocks? Or will it look odd after a year of hard wearing? Any other suggestions is much appreciated, too.

    1. Hi Jed,

      The Eastlands and Rancourts are certainly similar, and both are made by Rancourt, but the soles are quite different ($100 different–I’m not sure). If your foot is narrow, I’d say that since the Eastlands are a bit wide as well, they’re probably not your best bet (unless you wear thick socks). As such, I’d recommend the Iron Rangers–although I don’t like the nitrile sole, it can be replaced by that found on the Beckman when it wears out.

          1. Bummer. I’m tempted to pull the trigger. Question. On my RW Iron Rangers I wear a 10 which is a 1/2 size down from most of my shoes. I went to a RW store and this isthee size they advised. I find mine slightly loose in thin socks though fine inwintern socks or with my super feet footbeds.

            Would you recommend I try the 9.5 in this case or does the wool lining add similar thickness like a winter sock. Of course with Amazon I could get free returns. I’ve been looking at the 1000 Mile but I like this is an “off brand” in the boot world and its sort of and a Alden Indy RW Beckman hybrid. For $226 in horween could be a winner.

          2. Hi Brian,

            I assume you’re talking about the Woolrich Yankees. I’ve still only tried on the size 13’s, which were huge, so I can’t say if the 12’s will fit me. Since half sizes stop at size 12, a 12.5 is never an option, so for me a boot that runs large requires a full size drop from 13 down to 12. As such I’m not sure in your situation if a 10 or 9.5 would be the ideal, but judging by how big mine were, you might want to start with a 9.5 and go up if they’re too small. I plan to try a pair of 12’s in January and update my post. Please let me know what you end up doing and how they fit!

  4. I have a pair of the Woolrich boots, and I have mixed feelings about them. I wear an 11 and bought an 11 and they do seem a bit large. I went with it, but might have been happier with a 10.5. They wear well enough though. Like you say, the leather is great, best thing about it. Soles are nice but I wish the leather was a bit thicker there. The toes are a bit too bulbous in my opinion. The wool lining is indeed very cozy and comes in handy living where I do (Wisconsin). I have a problem with the tongues, which are a little short and effectively prohibit you from lacing the boot up to the top. They also flop over to the side. The rivets on the speed lacing hooks (which are nice enough) aren’t properly mashed-in, so the rough edges have been tearing up my socks where the tongue slides away. There is also a little odd area where leather sucks-in around the plastic heel structure on the interior side of the boot. So it’s weird, I really love the leather, the brass hardware, the wool lining, and the sole and sole construction, but the big toe and the other stuff add up to make it seem like it wasn’t thoughtfully designed. I got them on sale for around $175 though, and feel like at that price it was worth it. Could’ve been a great boot with a few changes.

    1. Hi Curtis, Thanks for sharing your experiences. I agree that the design is fairly flawed or at least could be refined before they hit production again for next year, but I was also at the 2015 Outdoor Retailer show and Woolrich had the same Yankee’s on display with their same flaws, so it doesn’t seem that they’re aware of the situation. Frequently a product name stays the same while the design is improved through iteration, but it didn’t appear to be the case, which is a shame since I think they’re 85% of the way there. They just need to fix the tongue, rivets, inconsistent sizing, and slightly bulbous toe and they’d have really quite a nice boot.

  5. Hi Jon,
    In the market for a new pair of boots and have been loving your reviews here. While I appreciate that spending more on quality pair of boots may be worth it in the long run, I’m having some trouble justifying much more than $300. I’ve come across an apparently new company, Boston Boot Company, and am intrigued by their offerings. Do you have any experience with them?
    Lumigan Uses

    Also came across these, which look promising: Bimatoprost Shampoo

    1. Hi Pat,

      Unfortunately I have experience with neither the Boston Boot Company nor J. Crew’s Kenton brand. The Kentons appear to be designed to look like Aldens, but for 1/2 the price (imported). It’s an aggressive move, given J Crew also sells Aldens, but I guess Alden can’t do much about it, since I’m sure the audience J Crew provides is too good for Alden to boycott. The boots Lumigan To Xalatan Conversion aren’t copies, but the Lumigan How Supplied is almost identical to the Bimatoprost In Lash Boost.

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for the post. To the right of the Eastlands is a pair of Red Wing Iron Rangers. Buy Lumigan 0.3 on those boots with a few more photos. They’re great looking boots, but I have issues with their comfort. They apparently are now available in a different sole, that should be easier on the feet and provide better traction.

    1. Hi Dex,

      Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you found the article useful! I typically wear the same style of socks every day regardless of activity (with the exception of dressing up in my Lumigan Zkusenosti). So, 95% of days, I wear Lumigan Gocce A Cosa Serve in either Grey or Oatmeal, but usually grey. I use them with boots, chukkas, sneakers, Lumigan What Is It Used For trail running/hiking shoes on 10 day trips–everywhere. They’re great because they’re not too tight, never bunch up under my foot, and are a neutral grey or khaki. I do wish they would make some with some sophisticated, simple style, but Smartwool is owned by Timberland and their patterns are typically unmatchable, “outdoorsy” Bimatoprost Topical Solution.

      1. Thank you for the quick reply! I will definitely buy a pair and see how they are. I don’t wear boots often and I have a question on fitting. When I was trying on my Chippewas to see which size fit best I had a size 8 and size 8.5. The 8 fit tight and the 8.5 fit snug, at the time I just had a pair of ankle crew socks on (I should have worn some boot socks). I went with the 8.5 knowing that I would wear boot socks. Did I choose the right size?

        1. Hi Dex, you should have your foot measured in a Brannock device, for length, width, and location of the ball of your foot. It seems like you probably made the right choice, since there can be some packing out with leather boots. That said the soles are never going to change size, so you want to start with a large enough sole, which really depends on the activity. For example with hiking boots you want to to be able to fit a finger behind your heel when your toe is touching the front to prevent toe bang on downhills. I was slow to reply (been frequenting the hospital too much), but maybe by now you’ve determined if the boots feel ok? Hopefully they’ve broken in well.

  6. Given your experience with the Eastland boots, do you think going down a half size would have kept it from happening?

    My Brannock size is an 11, and I wear 10s in the Iron Ranger, but feel like they’re a little loose at times.

    1. Hi Dane, I do not. First, that’s the length of your foot, so I expect you’d run into problems with your toes at the end if you went smaller. Iron Rangers fit kind of like hockey skates, in that it’s a snug fit, much more so than the Eastland Boots. I think the Eastland boots are made on a last that’s not quite the ideal shape, leaving too much material over foot, which once the boot is broken in puffs up. A crease and small bump is correct, and that’s the result on the Iron Rangers and Trumans. Unless you have a large volume foot (which you don’t, if the Iron Rangers are feeling big even though you sized down), I wouldn’t recommend the Eastland.

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