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4 thoughts on “Boot Shoot III – Allen Edmonds, Truman Boot Co, Alden”

  1. Hi Jon, thanks for putting all of this info on boots together, I’ve enjoyed working my way through it.

    However if you could have only one, which one? You seem very keen on the Truman Boot if you have $500+ to spend. Is the Allen Edmonds at $350 in runner up?

    1. Hi Andy, thanks for the comment. As mentioned above the Truman boots come closer to my ideal, but the Allen Edmonds are also a good boot. My main recommendation is to go buy it in person. There are AE stores in most major US cities and this will ensure you get a boot that’s up to your standards. Large blemishes on plain toe boots are too noticeable for me to ignore, but that’s not a concern if you buy in person. Good luck!

  2. Hello,

    I was looking for a very nice pair of boots to purchase online and by chance I happened to stumble on your website. I’m very impressed with your attention to detail when reviewing boots. You clearly have a love for things that are made well. Therefore, I must ask, what is your favorite boot? Recently, I’ve been looking at Truman Boot Co and Allen Edmunds. I’ve been leaning towards the Truman Boot Co since you thought of them very highly and I do like their styles. I want a boot that is comfortable, unique, and will last a long time. Any suggestions and thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  3. Jon,
    I just found your write up and I’m really impressed. You’ve done your homework and given me great direction for my next purchase.

    If you do consider a Boots IV British boots are ripe for review. Trickers, Church’s, Loake and Cheaney all make fine products.

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