The Name: Lithic Goods

The definition of Lithic is: “of the nature of or relating to stone” and frequently refers to stone tools. This concept of durable, old tools is interesting because it contrasts so strongly with the ubiquity of today’s cheap & disposable products. Within this context Lithic Goods are designed thoughtfully and with purpose—made to endure the task at hand and, if they become worn through time, be repairable so as to continue on for as many years as possible.


Objects worth owning. The purpose of this site is to identify superior products and share them, saving others time and helping with their research. The fundamental principle is to make the best investment from the beginning to ensure every purchase is in a quality, long lasting product. If you could only have one: knife, pair of boots, pen, etc. then this is a home for those items. These are objects of permanence, unrivaled in their proficiency of the task at hand, with designs and styles that transcend trends to stand above, enduring. They should also be made with a Cradle to Cradle or Patagonia type ethos, maximizing quality while minimizing environmental impact; resulting in a longterm investment with a minimal footprint. This is difficult to achieve in a world dominated by marketing and consumerism; it takes patience, research, and restraint to resist the instant gratification of the impulse buy. But in the end it’s well worth it, as ultimately the collection will last longer and provide the satisfaction of a good investment. To minimize our footprint and lead by example LithicGoods.com is hosted by Pair Networks, a carbon neutral hosting service.


All the photos are taken by myself, allowing the images to provide unique insight into the products and the writing to include hands-on knowledge. Additionally, as you can see in the behind-the-scenes image below, all studio shot photographs after December 2013 are color balanced with an 18% grey card to ensure color accuracy. And, unlike the majority of the internet, there will never be marketing or public relations supplied images on this site masquerading as original content. In addition to using the grey card during shoots, I’ve calibrated my monitor using an i1DisplayPro by x-rite, which ensures the images end up with the correct contrast and balance.


I have a BS in mechanical engineering and an MSE in product design. I’ve worked as a product designer, helped design a cabin, done some private equity seed investing, and a good bit of adventuring. I’m currently deciding the next step. I’m a perfectionist with a deep love of the outdoors and photography, always adventuring with camera in hand. I’m obsessed with products and research an excessive amount before making any purchase, resulting in a wealth of knowledge I try to disseminate through this blog.

Site Viability

I’ve recently decided to test out some banner ads from Huckberry, a company based out of SF that does an amazing job curating rugged/refined menswear products. There are also Amazon Affiliate links included on product posts that do occasionally provide a small amount of income to keep the site going. These links are a final step in the process, not a driver of content, thus not all items reviewed are available on Amazon, in which case unaffiliated links are provided to help readers find the product. As a believer in supporting local business, visitors to Lithic Goods are encouraged to look locally before purchasing online, however not everyone lives in a city where access to products is readily available.

Further Reading

Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard. $20
HBR Case Study: Gary Hirshberg and Stonyfield Farm by Nancy F. Koehn, Nora N. Khan, and Elizabeth Legris. $7
Cradle to Cradle by McDonough and Braungart. $27


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