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13 thoughts on “A Guide To Ten Days On The Tahoe Rim Trail”

  1. Thank you for the great write up. I’ll be hiking the TRT in late September. I have a couple questions:

    If you had some extra days to take it slow and hang out, would you rather do that in the souther part (west of Star Lake) or on the eastern part (north of Kingsbury Grade)? I’ve considered going counter-clockwise from your same starting point because I’ve heard that stretch is less interesting. I get your point about wanting to carry less food when you have to carry more water.

    How was cell phone reception? I’ll be hiking solo and have been considering getting a locater beacon like the Spot, but if there’s good reception out there I think I’d feel fine just having my phone.


    1. Hi Dale, thanks for the comment. If I were you I’d spend the extra time at Star Lake or Lake Aloha. If I’m going to take a rest day it’s good to have it next to water, which doesn’t leave great options on the East side of Lake Tahoe. Cell reception is good for Verizon and bad for AT&T. I think the spot isn’t necessary due to trail popularity, proximity to civilization, and lots of cell coverage, but that’s a level of risk you need to choose for yourself. I’m currently in the hospital for the third time due to reoccurring spontaneous pneumothoraces in my left lung, so it’s likely I’ll bring a Spot with me on all future hikes. Enjoy the trail!

    1. Jen, thanks for the comment! What specifically did you find the most useful? I’m currently down for the count, but will be back at it at some point and am curious for improving future posts.
      You got me to reread this post, make some calrifying edits, and realize that I never posted the photos! Photos will arrive in the new year, though I expect you’re most interested in logistics.
      Also, I can’t warn you enough about the mosquitoes, I only brought a tarp and they nearly sucked us dry in the swamp of desolation. I should include the story of sleeping on uninflated sleeping pads on top of a snow patch and then stuffing garbage bags with pounds of snow and putting them inside our bags to enable full mummy bug protection without sweating to death. Such desperate times. Just be prepared and you’ll be fine.

      1. I’m on the east coast so I always sleep in a tent for mosquitos. This is the only post I’ve found with adequate resupply info, put in and take out info, and also general information about the trail. I’ve emailed the TRTA a few times about various things and NEVER get a reply.

        Specifically, knowing the guidebook is useless is so helpful. I hate buying a book to find that it doesn’t tell me anything I specifically wanted to know.

  2. Can you please post or email me your food/gear list and how much water did you carry? Water is my major concern. We are planning to hike the TRT in Aug/Sep and I am concerned about water availability and the extra weight to carry what we need. If you have lists with weights that would be great, thank you for posting this and your assistance.

    1. Hi Tre,
      Here’s my Bimatoprost Generico. I included the gear I actually brought, although if I were to do it again, I’d bring a few different pieces of gear, such as my quilt instead of my sleeping bag. I highly recommend you weigh all your gear and create your own, it’s a great tool for paring down (why do I keep bringing that 3 pound camera?!). And here’s Lumigan Storage.
      Water is a reasonable concern, but it’s really a hard variable to plan for since it’s so dependent on that seasons snowpack and the time of year you’re hiking. What I will say is that we loaded up with 3L of water for a section through Desolation that was basically a swamp with ferocious mosquitoes that we battled while carrying way to much water. That section was miserable, but I’d read online that there is no water in that section, which clearly wasn’t true when we crossed stream after stream. Try to find a recent trip report shortly before departing on your trip or if you’re local head to Tahoe the weekend before your trip and go for a solid 20+ mile day hike to get a feel for the conditions.

      1. Jon,
        I saw where you already wrote about the cell phone reception question, sorry I didn’t see that before I asked. I do have another question about your campsites. It appears that several times you were dry camping. ie not near a water source. Can you tell me how much water you had when you reached these sites and did you find that amount adequate? Thank you very much for all of the great info!!

        1. Hey Tre,

          It certainly depends how far I will be camping from the last source and distance to the next source, but I like to camp with 2 liters of water. 1.5 liters is okay if I’ve already eaten dinner.

          Also, I was just in the Emigrant Wilderness this weekend and the mosquitoes were fierce so be sure to bring a headnet (June 30th, 2018).

          1. Thank you for the info on the water and the mosquitos (not a fan of em😀)

  3. Jon,
    Great information, thank you. I really appreciate the food and gear lists. We are trying to reduce our weight load as much as possible. We were thinking 4 liters, so even 3 is good news. We are planning to review conditions as we get closer and are very comfortable with 20+ mile days. How was the cell reception up there? I have AT&T and I think my friend has Verizon.

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