Shun Classic 8 Inch Chef Knife

Shun Classic 8 Inch Chef Knife DM0706 Handmade in Japan. $210. Purchase.

[column-group][column]This knife is absolutely beautiful. If there is one knife to have in your kitchen, this is it. The Damascus stainless steel blade is razor sharp, made with 68 layers of steel honed to a 32° angle, and the ideal one-knife-quiver size of 8 inches. The knife edge has a slight rocker for easy chopping of anything from carrots and onions to fine herbs, while simultaneously having the heft required to hack through large chunks of meat. The D-shaped handle is ergonomic for [/column][column]right handed folks, smooth but not slippery, and easy to clean. Shun didn’t create this knife by accident–they might only be a ten year old company, but they’re located in a Japanese town with seven centuries of knife manufacturing experience. TIP: as with any polished stainless steel tool, never use green scrubber backed scotch-brite sponges, only blue “scratch free” scrubbers or you’ll sand all your polished stainless down to a dull satin finish. [/column][/column-group]

Shun 8 Inch Classic Chef Knife DM0706 Japan 4Shun 8 Inch Classic Chef Knife DM0706 Japan 3Shun 8 Inch Classic Chef Knife DM0706 Japan 2


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