SOLO Wave and Sunski Headlands Sunglasses

SOLO Wave. Made in China. Painted in USA. $160. Purchase.
Sunski Headlands in Lime. Made in China. $48. Purchase.

Both of these sunglasses are made by fairly new companies. SOLO began as a San Diego State University MBA project to create a eyewear brand that gives a portion of profits to restore vision to those in need (similar to Warby Parker). Sunski was born through a kickstarter campaign that raised sixteen times their[/column][column]original goal and is now a member of 1% for the planet, meaning they give 1% of net revenue to a vetted environmentally minded organization of their choice. Both companies manufacture their glasses in China.



SOLO Wave Painted by Kari Powell by BlindBully

Polarized lenses in acetate frames with recycled bamboo temples. Hand painted by San Diego based artist Kari Powell, the temples on these glasses are beautiful and allow the otherwise plane black frames to stand out from the fairly homogenous sunglasses market.

SOLO Wave Painted by Kari Powell by BlindBully 2
SOLO Wave Painted by Kari Powell by BlindBullySOLO Wave Painted by Kari Powell by BlindBully 3

Sunski Headlands in Lime

Sunski Lime Headlands by BlindBully

Green/blue mirrored, polarized lenses in translucent matte black, polycarbonate frames with aluminum hinges. Sunski’s are perfect for the summer. Priced below $50, they aren’t too precious for beach volleyball or a backcountry camping trip, yet are plenty stylish for summer BBQs and cocktail parties. The hinges have a bit of a cheap feel and allow the temples to freely swing open, which can be annoying when clipping them onto a shirt collar, since they have a tendency[/column][column]to open and then fall off. That said, they’ve survived numerous falls and the polycarbonate frames show no damage and the lenses have yet to scratch. They’re also pretty darn light, which adds to their cheap feel, but also means you can wear them all day without denting your nose. Bottom line: Sunski’s are built for fun in the sun!

Sunski Lime Headlands by BlindBully 1Sunski Lime Headlands by BlindBully 2

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