Timberland Coulter Nine Eye Boot

Timberland Coulter 9 Eye in Rust (size 13M). USA. $425. Purchase.

[column-group][column]Unfortunately Timberland includes no sizing information on their website, so I ordered these based on their Earthkeeper (true brannock) sizing. This resulted in a pair of boots that was far too large. I’ve since tried on a pair of size 12’s, which was still too large, and a pair of 11’s. The 11’s were the closest to fitting correctly, but a little tight across the top at the base of the laces and the heel cup seam was too low in back, hitting the top of my heel bone where it joins my Achilles tendon rather than above, where it would cradle my heel.

These boots are made in Wynne, Arkansas, likely by the Addison Shoe Company which has been making shoes for over 50 years. Back in 2009 the Addison Shoe Company was 75 percent private label, cranking out boots “for companies such as The Frye Co. and the Red Wing Shoe Co.” (Arkansas Business) This experience is clearly evident in the quality of construction of these boots and [/column][column]having seen three different pairs, it’s clear that the craftsmanship is top notch, and ASC is not the problem.

It’s likely Timberland’s design team that needs to modify their drawings and design a boot that’s sized correctly, perhaps with some seam adjustments, if correcting size alone doesn’t fully solve the problem. It’s surprising this would happen from such an established footwear brand, but it goes to show, it’s harder than it looks to make a great pair of boots. Hopefully they’ll come to the same conclusion and correct the sizing, and release a Coulter Nine Eye 2.0, since they look great and are Timberland’s first recent attempt at a high quality USA Made boot. It would be a shame if their sizing blunder halted the effort. Please comment if you’ve bought these boots and have had a better experience.

Timberland Coulter 9 Eye in Rust by Blind Bully Front
Timberland Coulter 9 Eye in Rust by Blind Bully 4
Timberland Coulter 9 Eye in Rust by Blind Bully Welt DetailTimberland Coulter 9 Eye in Rust by Blind Bully Cuff Detail

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