Blind Bully Is Now Lithic Goods


Given the frequency of my posts, it’s unlikely many of you have been here before, but for those that have been to in the past I’d like to inform you that I have changed the name from Blind Bully to Lithic Goods. As is common when names change, the mission remains the same, it’s just the name that is changing.

Why change the name? Blind Bully was created with the idea of being “Blind to trends and preconceptions + Bullying for responsible consumption = BlindBully.” It was a strong assertive name, but a bit too confusing to explain all the time and also made me too aware of the possibility of reviewing a product I don’t like and feeling like I’m being a bully in some way when I critique it. With Lithic Goods I won’t have that constraint and Lithic also sounds nice and strong and is rooted in stone. My ideal products are those that are truly built to last, not unlike the first tools made of stone.

I’ve set up redirects and updated many aspects of the site, but if you find any loading errors or outdated items please let me know.

I’ve also made numerous improvements to the site for mobile users and will continue to refine the design as I find time over the next few weeks.